Waterjet Cutting

For Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, and Stone our Waterjet processing environment is the right stop in your workflow.

Where accuracy and consistent performance is a serious matter.

Advance Profiles introduces our large gantry Waterjet cutting equipment to the market along with our company. The Waterjet technology is capable of managing standard metal and exotic materials such as Marble, Granite and more.

With a table size of 18' x 36' and a dual cutting head gantry, we are well prepared for the largest of your requirements. We bring the latest in equipment and expertise to the table. Our Waterjet cutting thickness is virtually limited to the physical size of our table footprint and clearance space of 13".

As our Waterjet has no limit beyond our facility and logistics, Waterjet capabilities provide for the performance levels that exceed our Plasma technology and meet your requirements for perfection. 100 HP with redundant top works and dual cutting heads is our Waterjet, where accuracy and consistent performance is a serious matter.