Profile Cutting

Precision profile cutting is available with our Plasma and Waterjet equipment.

Our plasma can provide precision mode cutting, marking and beveling of material through 1½ inches for Mild and Stainless Steel and 1¾ inches for Aluminum. Our Waterjet can accommodate sizes and materials beyond these levels where speed and cost are of less benefit. Our investment in technology and equipment for profile cutting is of value to you, in that Advanced Profiles can provide flexibility of process for cost and time advantage, without sacrificing precision and accuracy. We are capable of taking your output requirements from your drawings and provide you with cost and timing that meets your demands.

Our workflow process is flexible to accommodate your supply chain requirements. Precision Plasma tolerances for production mode start at ¼ inches for Mild Steel and Aluminum and 3⁄32 inches for Stainless Steel meeting and exceeding the ISO 9013:2003 Range Specification. Waterjet tolerances exceed the Plasma to meet the most demanding size, precision and material requirements. With an equipment table size of 18' x 60' feet we can profile larger part size requirements. Precision, Production, Beveling, and Marking modes available for your plasma processing requirements and are prepared for the most detailed of profile cutting applications that you can bring us.